These are various essays and/or musings that I have written at various points in time. They are probably not all be structured enough to be essays; I don't really know what counts as an essay and what not. A lot of them have to do with Christianity, although there are ones on other things too.

Stuff I have added when working on this site is in italics.

From Facebook

These were originally posted as Facebook posts.

The order here is roughly reverse chronological. This means the ones near the top are the newest.
  1. A Story About Jesus in Hell
  2. Identity, Preferences, and Group Minds
  3. Income Taxes vs. Consuption Taxes
  4. An Interesting Christian Website I Found
  5. Utilitarian Dishonesty
  6. Language Gaffs and Forgivness
  7. Valentine's Day and Celibacy
  8. And Restore Fairness to the Galaxy!
  9. Why the Women's March was not Hypocritical
  10. Gender-Biased Words
  11. Dragon Mating Patterns
  12. Brainpower Tax
  13. Beauty and the Mind's Eye
  14. The Golden Number and Countable Infinities
  15. The 7 Opposite Sins
  16. Questions for Introspection
  17. Fairness, Whatever that Is
  18. Job and the Problem of Evil
  19. Terrorism and Religion
  20. Intelligence
  21. Proposed New C++ Keywords
  22. Carbon Tax Analysis
  23. Tricky Rhetoric and Bad Logic
  24. Are Syrian Refugees Terrorists Empirically?
  25. Shifts in Word Usage
  26. Reverse Placebo Effect
  27. Thoughts on Remembrance Day
  28. The Holy Spirit and Conversion
  29. Analysis of Canadian Federal Election Platforms (2015)
  30. Generting Random Points on the Surface of a Sphere
  31. Worley Noise Distributions
  32. Monotheism and Superintelligent AI
  33. Facts on Saturn's Rings
  34. The God of the Gaps vs. The Smoke Clouds
  35. Moral Philosphy in Books
  36. Immigation and Skewed Sex Ratios
  37. Dark Energy and the Goldilocks Zone
  38. Applying Science to Philosophical Problems
  39. Truth and Zen Buddhism
  40. The Crown of Thorns
  41. The Benefit of Declining Emotional Highs
  42. Human Genetic Diversity
  43. Government-funded Childcare Policy Analysis
  44. Man 1.1: Woman
  45. The Theory of Neotenic Beauty
  46. Types of Unjust Laws
  47. Business Size and Oppressiveness
  48. Thoughts on Advertising
  49. Categorizing People
  50. Human - Angel Warfare
  51. The Problem with Scientific Evidence for Creationism
  52. Creation as an Allegory for... What?
  53. When Low Wages Benefit the Poor
  54. Chronological Snobbery
  55. Word Meanings and Implicospheres
  56. The Council of Giants and Rare Earth Theory
  57. Equality and Means Encroaching on Ends
  58. Insidious Fallacies
  59. Artifical Limbs and Pain
  60. Pride and the Great Chain of Being
  61. Songs and Holidays
  62. Christianity and the Zombies Apocalypse
  63. Praying for Character Development
  64. Prostitution in Canada
  65. Practical Appeals to Experts
  66. Thoughts on Reducing Rape
  67. Faith, Morality, and Fiction
  68. Scientific Beauty
  69. Asymetric Moral Expectations
  70. Judging Others
  71. Envy and Rice Crackers
  72. Thoughts on my First Job
  73. Hypocricy in the Church
  74. Selfish Genes vs. Memes
  75. An Analysis of the Arguments of an Anti-Anti-Abortion Activist
  76. Giving Money vs. Getting Involved
  77. Fiction and the Unity of God
  78. Negative Income Tax
  79. Prayers for Unknown People
  80. Comparative Advantage
  81. Does Perfect Love Really Cast out Fear?
  82. Suffering and AI Theory
  83. Polyintransitive Verbs
  84. Problems with Genetic Counseling
  85. Jonah in North Korea
  86. Medicine and Wisdom
  87. Psyche and Greater Love
  88. Marriage Rates By Religion
  89. The Problem with Teleological Ethics


I found this one sitting around. I don't think anyone has seen it before.

Luther Tatler

I wrote these in high school for the school newspaper (the Luther Tatler, whatever that means). The first one was because a friend of mine was the editor, and she needed another article to fill up a page. After that, it just kept happening.

These are in chronological order. The oldest ones are at the top. I can do this here because I will not be adding any new ones.

  1. Logical Analysis
  2. Equality
  3. Chasing after the Wind
  4. Behold the Man
  5. To Stave Off the Long Dark Night
  6. Power and the Future
  7. The Will of the People
  1. Rocks and Sand
  2. Theories of Righteousness
  3. A Stranger among Us

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