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After Nightfall is an unofficial sequel to the adventure game Nightfall. You should complete that game before attempting this one.
In After Nightfall, your objectives are twofold: to claim the treasure, and to escape from the World of the Night. In order to do so, you will first need to explore the world and learn its secrets. You must also act quickly, for there is little time to spare. You will likely need to play the game many times to succeed.


Text-based Adventure.

Screen Resolution

Any window

Game Length

Varies widely, but there are save/restore commands.

System Requirements

Could be compiled for other platforms, but I haven't.
< 1 MB


Minor updates to version 2.5 June 23, 2018 (mostly spelling)


William "Billy" Hamilton (v. 1.0, 214 nodes)
Expanded by Richard Hamilton (v. 2.5, 243 nodes)

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