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Radar Space is a game in which you fly a spaceship and blow up enemy spaceships. The game gets more complex and much more dangerous over time. Sometimes there are convoys and smugglers, and later there are also hives and snakes. There are also pickups, which increase over time. It's sort of like being a U-boat trying to disrupt Atlantic shipping, only more zany and in space.


2D Gladiator.
Single player or 2 player co-op (split screen).

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 (single player) or 1366 x 768 (2 player co-op)

Game Length

20 minutes (varies widely)

System Requirements

Windows 2000 or newer (I haven't tested this on Windows 10)
1 GHz proccessor (faster recommand for later game)
16 MB


Current version: Chain Smoking - last updated May 8, 2019


Richard Hamilton
Music by Arthur Hamilton (some original, some also in 2942)

Made with Game Maker 6.1 and Game Make 7

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