Downloadable Games (Windows only)

Radar Space (download)- last updated October 22, 2018
2942 (download) - last updated October 11th, 2012
Tower Defence (download)
Space Arena (download)
Space Race (download) - 2 player
Tactix (download) - 2-6 players
Starfighter (download)

Spacewar, the Remake (download)

3D Spaceship Game (download) - last updated March 20, 2015
Spiderworld Crystal Hunt (download) - last updated Decermber 17, 2014
Saturn Game (download)
Disk Game (download, Linux) - last updated November 18, 2017

Online Games

Nightfall Online
After Nightfall (download) - not online, a sequel to Nightfall, last updated June 23, 2018
Next Nightfall - a sequel to After Nightfall, last updated December 4, 2018

Requiring Java

Sadly, Oracle has disabled Java applets for anyone who isn't willing to pay $100 a year (I assume per applet). This is for unspecified "security reasons". This means that these are now effecively unusable.

Platform Game
Jumper Game (CS203 Project)
Shooter Game (CS203 Project)

External Links

I also have contributed layout (i.e. random map) generation code to Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup. The game is free and I recommend it to anyone who likes roguelikes.

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