D&D Monsters

These are some monsters I have made for my Dungeons and Dragons game.

The format for the pages was blatently stolen from D&D Wiki. The links still lead there, but some of the complexity has been removed. And yes, I found adapting a copy of the page to run like this easier than just adding to their user-added creatures list.

Some (many?) of these have been based on existing monsters. I don't know what counts as under copyright, but they all had their stats available on the Internet. I have tried to cite my sources where possible.

Name Sources for Good Outsiders - Based on Christian mythology

Entries in italics are going to be updated or removed. At least in theory.

Archons, Ordered by Strength

"Archon" is here a general term for a (sapient) lawful good outsider.

Ring Archon - loosly inspired by the Pathfinder Harbinger Archon
Lantern Archon - SRD
Hound Archon - SRD
Bear Archon - Based off the Warden Archon from the Manuel of the Planes
Owl Archon - An existing archon from the Book of Exalted Deeds.
Trumpet Archon - SRD
Wheel Archon - Based off the Throne Archon from the Book of Exalted Deeds and the D&D Wiki adaptation
Star Archon - An adapted variant of the Pathfinder Star Archon

Probably not:
Blood Archon - An ooze/archon cross based off the Ragoo Archon
Eagle Archon - A rebranded avoral

The Hosts of Heaven - A small printable book of archons, intended as an in-game resource for players.

Angels, Ordered by Strength

"Angel" is here a general term for a (sapient) neutral good outsider.

Eladrins, Ordered by Strength

"Eladrin" is here a general term for a (sapient) chaotic good outsider. In Pathfinder, these have been renamed to Azatas. I have to agree that that is a better name, but I am (probably) sticking with the SRD standard.

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