Miscellaneous Images

The generic star backgrounds has been moved to Procedurally Generated Images.

Adapted from Other Images

From "Game Maker Resource Pack 1". They, in turn, got them from other sites, but all of the links they provided were now broken.
grey ship long wings grey A-wing fighter grey X-wing fighter grey TIE fighter
grey shielded ship with long wings grey shielded X-wing fighter grey shielded A-wing fighter grey shielded TIE fighter
This is an adapted version of the explosion from the Game Maker 4 example game "Asteroids". Here as strips. Changes: asteroids explosion strip
asteroids explosion strip (brighter)

From "Iron Plague" art by Daniel Cook (Lostgarden.com). This one has some sort of license (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License) with it, unfortunately, but it is one of those "everyone can use this for free as long as I get credit" ones, so that is not a major issue. If you hate licenses, it wouldn't be too hard to draw another ship about like this.
grey delta-winged spaceship
shielded grey delta-winged spaceship

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