Pixel Art Sprites

Note: Many of these images are actually animated gifs, containing several frames. I have identified them with the word "Animated", even though they are not all intended as an animation.

Animated health bars: 40 and 100 pixels, 1 frame per pixel + 1 extra "empty" frame
short health bar short health bar

Animated health circle: 24 + 1 frames
health circle

Animated campfire

Animated mine with blinking lights - actually quite easy to see on black background

grey cruiser grey destroyer grey deltoid-shaped spaceship grey long spaceship grey dotty spaceship grey carrier grey burly spaceship grey blades spaceship grey crescent spaceship grey pentagon spaceship grey energy ball spaceship grey heavy spaceship grey arrowhead spaceship grey star spaceship grey candelabra spaceship grey mushroom spaceship grey muscles spaceship grey small ball spaceship grey disk spaceship grey big-nosed spaceship grey heart-shaped spaceship grey pumpkin spaceship grey rammer spaceship grey horsefly spaceship grey delta-wing spaceship grey caped spaceship grey narrow spaceship grey carried spaceship
grey shielded energy ball spaceship grey shielded heavy spaceship grey shielded arrowhead spaceship grey shielded candelabra spaceship grey shielded small ball spaceship grey shielded disk spaceship grey shielded pumpkin spaceship grey shielded rammer spaceship grey shielded horsefly spaceship grey shielded delta-wing spaceship grey shielded narrow spaceship grey shielded carried spaceship
drill-like spaceship rainbow UFO dark UFO blue UFO red UFO
The dark UFO does not look good on a black background. The disk mostly disappears, leaving only what appears to be blue beams coming out of a floating blue blob. It might look better with a more interesting top.

Animated ring spaceship with (non-animated) minions
ring spaceship tiny spaceships

This spaceship was intended to carry two rings of smaller spaceships that revolved counterclockwise around it. It can, of course, be used for other purposes; I have just included this because I find if very annoying when I find an image that obviously was designed with something specific in mind but cannot work out what that purpose was. Both rings had room for the same number of minions (8) and revolved at the same speed (45 degrees in 6 frames).
ring ship with minions

A wormhole. It looks quite good on a black background. There is also an animated flash effect for when something falls in. The flash should be centered on the middle of the wormhole, where its final size covers the circle on the wormhole. Flashes of different solid colours work well with different things falling in.
wormhole wormhole flash

Animated Explosions
small explosion large explosion
The snowflake explosion has been moved to Procedurally Generated Images.
There is also another explosion under Miscellaneous Images.

Hollow Cubes (32x32 front + 16 pixels back = 48x48)
hollow cube 1 hollow cube 2 hollow cube 3 hollow cube 4 hollow cube 5

Platform-style pokemon (48x48): 4 walk frames, 1 jump frame
pokemon side view

Combat-style pokemon (64x64): fronts and backs
pokemon combat view

Top view bear robots and vehicles (32x32): 4 directions
bear robots vehicles

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