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Last updated September 4th, 2012.


The maps in Crawl can be divided into two broad catagories (as of DCSS version 0.11).

Some maps are specified as encompass vaults. This means that the entire level is one big vault. It is either the same map each game (except for SUBST:, etc. commands), or it is one of a few maps, chosen randomly. These handcrafted levels show up in 3 circumstances:
In contrast, most maps are randomly generated using one of a set of algorithms. These algorithms are divided into rough catagories that correspond the the layout_foo TAG:s that can be set. This allows a vault to be placed only with a certain type of map. This is important because some vaults would look bad on some map types (e.g. an room with stright walls in a cave with rough walls). The catagories are as follows:

Map Comparison

Note: Some of these layouts have the same name as the layout tags. The layout names listed here are from the layout.des, layout_loops.des, and the currently-in-Branch layout_vaults.des files. In contrast, the layout_foo TAG:s are used by the internal level builder and are set with a layout_type "???" line in the layout specification.

Layout Name Example Appears in Layout TAG: Notes
layout_forbidden_doughnut layout_forbidden_doughnut example 4-22 Pan Vaults layout_open  
layout_cross layout_cross example 4-22 Pan Vaults layout_cross Very dangerous
layout_big_octagon layout_big_octagon example 4-22 Vaults layout_open  
layout_rooms layout_rooms example 4-22, Pan, Vaults layout_rooms  
layout_city layout_city example 15+ Dis Vaults layout_city Buildings in a grid
layout_misc layout_misc example 4-22 Pan Vaults layout_misc  
layout_caves layout_caves example Hive Orc Slime layout_caves  
layout_spotty layout_spotty example 9-22 Vaults layout_caves  
layout_twisted_cavern layout_twisted_cavern example D:5-27 layout_delve Has special wall tiles
layout_rougey layout_rougey example 1+ Vaults layout_rooms Out of date image
layout_delve layout_delve example Spider layout_delve  
layout_basic layout_basic example 1+ Vaults layout_basic D:1 always uses this
layout_bigger_room layout_bigger_room example 9-22 Vaults Crypt layout_open Electric eels
layout_chaotic_city layout_chaotic_city example 4+ Pan Vaults layout_city Buildings not in a grid
layout_shoals layout_shoals example Shoals layout_shoals No vaults placed?
layout_swamp layout_swamp example Swamp layout_swamp No vaults placed?
layout_loops_misc layout_loops_misc example 1+ Vaults layout_misc  
layout_loops_cross layout_loops_cross example 4-22 Pan Vaults layout_misc  
layout_loops_corners layout_loops_corners example 4-22 Pan Vaults layout_misc  
layout_vaults_i layout_vaults_i example Vaults No layout_foo tag No vaults placed
Effectively 8 layouts
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