Sadly, Oracle has disabled Java applets for anyone who isn't willing to pay $100 a year (I assume per applet). This is for unspecified "security reasons". This means that these are now effecively unusable.

Platform Game (alpha version) - last updated May 22nd, 2009
Jumper Game - last updated May 5th, 2010
Shooter Game - last updated March 29th, 2010
2D Graph Drawer (beta version)
Digital Countdown (beta version)
Quick Disk Cleanup Tool (alpha version)
Ecosystem Simulation
Planetary Orbits Simulation
Expression Analyser
Cloud Generator (beta version)
Snowflake Generator
Physics Pendulum
Physics Waves
Physics Collisions
Physics Trajectories
GUI I/O Redirection
Image Encryption
Craw Vault Editor - last updated October 18, 2012

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