Crawl Vault Editor

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This is a visual editor for vaults (premade rooms) for the game Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup.

Vault documentation is available from the Crawl website:
  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction
    2. Sample Map
    3. The .des files
    4. Kinds of Vaults
    5. Hints for Level Makers
    6. Principle of Vault Making
    7. How Vaults are Picked
  2. Basic Syntax
    1. Header Declaration
    2. Map Glyphs
  3. Advanced Topics
    1. Conditionalising Levels
    2. Validating Levels
    3. Abyss Vaults
    4. Portal Vaults
    5. Feature_Names
    6. Map Statistics
    7. Map Generation
  4. LUA Reference
    1. Basic LUA explanation
    2. Lua Modules and Function Reference - This is far from complete, and falling farther behind
    3. Triggerables

Note that 'F', 'R', 'O', and 'P' no longer have default meanings. If you wish to use them for granite/orange/silver/ice statue, honeycomb/royal jelly, branch/portal vault entry/rune, and rune, you must specify this explicitly. See syntax.txt for details.

Note that wax walls 'a' were removed in version 0.11. An 'a' character that has not been assigned a new meaning (or other any character defined as a wax wall with KFEAT) will cause DCSS to crash if it appears in the final vault. There was some talk of adding an error message instead, but I don't know if that ever happened.

Note that secret doors '=' were replaced with runed doors '=' in version 0.11. A runed door will prompt the user to confirm opening it, and is intended to stop auto-explore from wandering into dangerous areas and human would know to stay out of. It may also stop monsters from opening the door, but I do not know for sure. Opening a runed door removes the runed-ness, leaving it as a normal door forever after.

The Preview button only applies to SHUFFLE: lines, SUBST: lines, and NSUBST: lines without "/" used as a glyph. The current replacements are also NOT always Crawl-complient in difficult cases (see below). Using this program is NOT an alternative to testing your vaults in Crawl. Always test your vaults before submitting them!

There are ambiguities in the Crawl specifications. In this program, I have resolved them based on what is easier to program, not based on empirical testing with Crawl. The Preview feature is intended only to give the user an idea of what the final vault would appear as, not as an alternative for real testing. My assumptions (that I noticed) are as follows:

I do not have a forum, although I might make one someday. For now, any suggestions, comments, or questions should be posted on the
Crawl thread for this program.

Some resources for vault design:
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