Human - Angel Warfare


Three weird thoughts involving Christianity. I think they would also generalize to Islam and Judaism, but no guarantees. Today's subjects are: human-angel warfare, God messing up creation, and the Fall of Man as analogy.

Thought #1:

It is normally assume that humans should not fight angels because - among other reasons - we have no weapon that can harm them. However, I think I may have found an exception. As I understand it, angels have a single position in space (instead of being omnipresent like God) and are bound by time (although they are very fast). This suggests that for an angel to do something, it must first decide to perform the action, then travel there, and finally perform the action. These three steps must take place one after another with a non-zero total time (even if that time is very short).

So the weapon is... a black hole cannon. I assume the angel will be unharmed by the gravity. It also would presumably be able to get out again, as the "nothing ever comes out" restriction can be avoided by traveling faster than lightspeed. Worst case scenario, the angel could travel to Heaven (where these is no black hole) and back where it wanted to be. However, black holes have another property: time dilatation. This means that time slows down near massive objects. Black holes are so dense that there is an area around them where time actually stops entirely (called the event horizon). Although I assume an angle would have the power to escape the black hole, it would not have time in which to do so. Thus, it should be trapped until Hawking Radiation evaporates the black hole away. If this was a significant time (e.g. years), the angle is a casualty for the current engagement.

I admit this idea has certain practical problems. For one, black holes are very hard to manipulate (they eat anything you try to grab them with), so the black hole cannon would be difficult to construct. Secondly, even a pretty heavy (in non-astrophysics terms) black hole evaporates quickly (e.g. 200 tones last 1 second). Large black holes last longer, but are even heavier, and thus even harder to control. Thirdly, black holes tend to eat anything physical in their area, so we couldn't use this on Earth without destroying our home planet. Fourthly, we don't know how to make (or store) black holes (except maybe microscopic ones in particle accelerators that evaporate within a tiny fraction of a second). And fifthly, there is nothing to stop the angel just dodging the black hole "bullets", Matrix-style and thus never getting hit.

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