An Interesting Christian Website I Found


I'm not sure if this really deserves to be on this archive, given it doesn't really have any of my thoughts. But still.

I recently found a very good website (this was the one after midnight). It has what I might call "Christian theory" on it. Theology, empirical data, scripture quotations, philosophy, and anecdotes, and tangled together into practical answers, analyses, and advice. The goal is mostly to cover things outside the area Christian church/social groups normally talk about. These include:
  1. The best analysis I have seen on the (good) purpose of temptation and suffering in life:

  2. A lengthy (~7000 words) analysis of celibacy as a (permanent or long-term) calling. There are advantages to the person so called over being happily married or asexual (a.k.a the gift of celibacy). There is also information on what to expect and practical strategies for dealing with sexual desire. I had been searching for something like off and on this for more than a decade, and in that time, I found a total of one 1 useful idea (which I had work out myself well before). Suddenly, here was everything.

  3. A bunch of fun Christian one-liners. Like this one:

    No one understands like Jesus"

    Admittedly, this isn't on the impact level of the first 2, but there is one I might adapt into a shirt.
The author of all this (Grantley Morris) is a strong, traditional Christian, experienced and well-educated, and his writing reminds me of C.S. Lewis'. Honestly, that's about the best recommendation I have to give.

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