3D Spaceship Game (Download)


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Richard's 3D Spaceship Game (working title) is a game where you fly a spaceship over a 3D world and fight other spaceships. There are allied (blue) and enemy (red) spaceships. There are several missions. There is no plot.


3D Dogfight

Screen Resolution

Any full screen (1024x768 or larger recommended)

Game Length

5 minutes

System Requirements

Windows (I am not sure which versions, but I have tested it on XP)
Mac OSX and Linux someday
1 GHz proccessor (faster is better)
7 MB


README file (included in .zip) must be distributed with game.
Indefiniate hold (current version 0.3) - last updated March 20, 2015


Richard Hamilton
Made with C++, OpenGL, and OpenAL

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