Spiderworld Crystal Hunt (Download)


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Spiderworld Crystal Hunt is a game where are a spider that crawls around on walls. The object of the game is to find crystals and bring them back to your base. Up and down are determined by the surface that you are standing on, so movement can be disorienting. On the other hand, it probably helps with spacial reasoning skills or something. There is no plot.


3D Unclassifiable

Screen Resolution

Any window or full screen (1024x768 or larger recommended)

Game Length

5 minutes

System Requirements

Windows (I am not sure which versions, but I have tested it on XP and 7)
Mac OSX and Linux someday
1 GHz proccessor
8 MB


README file (included in .zip) must be distributed with game.
Indefinate hiatus (last updated December 17, 2014)


Richard Hamilton
Made with C++ and OpenGL

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