This is a collection of all the weird things I have put on the Internet that don't fit well under any other category.

Kettle Dragons

Dragon Offspring Calculator - A PHP program to calculate the color of dragon offspring using genetics
Anatomical Diagram - a kettle dragon with features noted
Layout of the Nest
Eye Colors - emotional significance
Dungeons & Dragons Stat blocks: 3.x/Pathfinder (.pdf, .docx), 5th edition (.pdf, .docx)


Star Wards Risk Dice - A program to calculate dice probabilities for the game Star Wars Risk
PHP Comic Experimant - An experiment into PHP code for displaying comics assembed from single-frame images

Applet Information

Sadly, Oracle has disabled Java applets for anyone who isn't willing to pay $100 a year (I assume per applet). This is for unspecified "security reasons". This means that this information is now effecively useless.

How to make an Applet - originally developed for CS203
A Walkthrough for a Simple Applet - originally developed for CS203

Miscellaneous Files

Raytracing Andrew + Anna - A composite image of Andrew + Anna Thielmann produced using a ray tracing program I wrote.
Dungeons & Dragons Creatures - some my own work, some from elsewhere
Hexagon grid paper has been moved to Resources
Difference Worley noise - Splatter some points across your page and calculate the difference between the distance to the 2 closest of them. With the distances shown as bright colours.
Time War game map decay animation - An animation showing how the map might decay for my (in-development) Time War game
Time War void animation - An animation showing how the area outside the map looks for my (in-development) Time War game. The appearance of the void will change based on in-world time. The left show how it will look at the moment of creation, and the right how it will look at the apocalypse.
Unsolvable Free Cell games - With all the cards, and with the aces removed
Radar Space demo video - A battle with convoy 11 as a .zip file
2942 boss fight 2 video - A battle with the seond boss as a .zip file
Unsong Notes ( 2 ) - i.e. notes on the e-book Unsong

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