Dragon Postures

Name Other Terms How it is used Body Position  Actions
Admiration Amazement   head toward admiree, elbows out, hand-claws on jaws blink fast, or give a gift
Annoyance Accusation   hands on hips, neck lowered, lip curled stamp feet
Compassion Helping, Healing Bone Ceremonial crouch, head down   
Confusion Helplessness,
  arms up, look up twitch tail, shake head
Defiance Challenge, Defence, Attack Ready for ground combat
Blood ceremonial
claws spead, wings in, teeth bared  snarling
Deliberation Thinking   arms crossed, look up lick snout
Readiness Wariness Ready to move anywhere,
Fire ceremonial
wings partly open, arms bent, half-crouched  bouncing on toes,
looking around
Sulking     head turned away, arms crossed, back to other(s)  
Triumph     arms up, head up, snout open dance in circles
Secrecy Sneakiness   half-crouch on toes, wings folded tightly, neck flat look side to side
Submission Defeat, Surrender To forfeit a fight
Snow ceremonial
on all fours, head down, tail slants upward stillness
Watchfulness Observation, Listening Sky Ceremonial neck stretched out, wings open  looking around
Cultural (Plains):        
Appeal Petition, Pleading,
Requests flat on belly, snout, arms and legs on ground, wings folded  
Authority Command, Interrogation,
elders, minders, ancients, seers wings open, head up, arms raised loud voice
Benediction     head up, arms raised, wings closed make circles with arms
Farewell     hand-claws clasped head bowed and raised
Greeting Welcome   arms out head bowed and raised
Instruction Teaching Leaf Ceremonial head down and low wave arms as if talking
Regret Contrition, Apology, Grief   head and arms droop move slowly
Respect     head bowed, hand-claws clasped,one foot forward bow with whole body,
deeper for more respect
Ridicule Mocking, Insult   thumb on horns, tongue out waggle hand-claws
Storytelling   To begin and end stories
Gold ceremonial
wings open, arms open, snout open  
Thanks     hands clasped bow head one or more times