Pixel Art Sprites

All resource files copyright Richard Hamilton 2012-2023. You can do whatever you want with them as long as you don't explicitly claim they are yours or object to other people using them. There is a somewhat-longer license with the ObjLibrary.

No credit required.

Note: Many of these images are actually animated gifs, containing several frames. I have identified them with the word "Animated", even though they are not all intended as an animation.

Ball Fleet Spaceships

ball snowflake spaceship part of ball snowflake spaceship ball cruiser ball luna moth saceship ball narrow corvette ball manta ray spaceship ball destroyer ball deltoid-shaped spaceship ball bifurcator spaceship ball bifurcated spaceship ball diamond-shaped spaceship ball large belted spaceship ball pagada spaceship ball long spaceship ball 3-part spaceship part of ball 3-part spaceship ball branching arms spaceship ball dotty spaceship ball dotty spaceship (blue) ball triangle spaceship ball cyclops monks spaceship ball burly spaceship ball carrier ball arches over pipes spaceship ball guarded spaceship ball guard spaceship (without guarded ship) ball unguarded spaceship ball lollypop spaceship ball robot-shaped spaceship ball maw spaceship (with chains) chained generator for ball maw spaceship ball carrot spaceship ball inchworm spaceship (revised) ball snake/magnet spaceship ball blades spaceship ball skeletal spaceship ball crescent spaceship ball pentagon spaceship ball small belted spaceship ball constructor spaceship with bits ball constructor spaceship 1st constructed bit for ball constructor ship 2nd constructed bit for ball constructor ship ball stag beetle spaceship ball fanged circle-X spaceship ball web-master spaceship ball maw spaceship (unattached) ball inchworm spaceship ball water molecule spaceship ball water molecule spaceship (blue) ball small deltoid-shaped spaceship ball cage spaceship ball snakehead spaceship ball cruciform spaceship ball kite spaceship (with center) ball kite spaceship (without center) 1st overlay for ball kite spaceship 2nd overlay for ball kite spaceship ball crosshatched spaceship ball heavy spaceship ball pipes and circles spaceship ball double shield spaceship ball arrowhead spaceship ball pod spaceship ball blocker spaceship (inactive) ball blocker spaceship (left active) ball blocker spaceship (right active) ball blocker spaceship (fully active) ball star spaceship ball twisted spaceship ball knobbly spaceship ball spaceship with side tufts ball quadling spaceship ball singleling spaceship ball stacked paper spaceship ball crown spaceship ball trident spaceship ball long claw spaceship ball medium claw spaceship ball short claw spaceship ball lampshade-shaped spaceship ball narrow ball spaceship front of ball narrow ball spaceship ball jaw spaceship ball spaceship built around big eye ball spaceship with stapped-on missiles (6) ball spaceship with stapped-on missiles (5) ball spaceship with stapped-on missiles (4) ball spaceship with stapped-on missiles (3) ball spaceship with stapped-on missiles (2) ball spaceship with stapped-on missiles (1) ball spaceship with stapped-on missiles (0) ball shield-shaped spaceship #1 ball shield-shaped spaceship #2 ball impaled ball spaceship ball googles spaceship ball googles spaceship without eye overlay for ball googles spaceship ball crosshairs spaceship ball mushroom spaceship ball muscles spaceship ball small data-card-shaped spaceship ball disk spaceship ball big-nosed spaceship ball round spaceship ball candelabra spaceship ball explosive ring spaceship ball explosive ring spaceship (no center) ball heart-shaped spaceship ball lacework-carrying spaceship ball spaceship not carrying lacework ball orange ring spaceship ball orange ring spaceship without ring animated ball orange ring for orange ring spaceship ball tweezers spaceship ball pumpkin spaceship ball rammer spaceship ball horsefly spaceship ball delta-wing spaceship ball X-nosed rammer spaceship ball bat-winged spaceship ball caped spaceship ball H-shaped spaceship ball narrow spaceship ball eye-shaped spaceships (x3) ball flat spaceship ball carried spaceship
ball shielded energy ball spaceship ball shielded heavy spaceship ball shielded arrowhead spaceship ball shielded crown spaceship ball shielded data-card-shaped spaceship ball shielded disk spaceship ball shielded pumpkin spaceship ball shielded rammer spaceship ball shielded horsefly spaceship ball shielded delta-wing spaceship ball shielded narrow spaceship ball shielded carried spaceship

These 3 images were combined to make a single spaceship pulled by an asteroid.
ball asteroid-pulled cage ball asteroid-pulled wheel ball asteroid-pulled ball
The combined ship looked as follows:
ball asteroid-pulled ship example

The little lights on this warning beacon turned on over time. If they all turned on, the alarm went off and bad stuff happened. There were separate light images for the four sides and corners.
ball warning beacon ball warning beacon (all lights active) lights for ball warning beacon
When activating, the warning beacon might look as follows:
ball warning beacon example

The ball fleet was originally called the grey fleet. I have renamed it to better reflect its most notable characteristic.
There are more ball fleet spaceship images under Miscellaneous Images.
The complete ball fleet as a zip file. Includes hive and snake components and assorted supporting images. Last updated 2020-03-17.

Minion Fleet Spaceships

Many of these spaceships were intended to carry minions. The ring spaceship is animated.
octopus carrier bumblebee spaceship (10 spots) semicircle spaceship (18 spots) semicircle spaceship (11 spots) semicircle spaceship (9 spots) semicircle spaceship (5 spots) 4-legged spaceship (4 build spots) sidearm carrier (4 rows) sidearm carrier (3 rows) sidearm carrier (2 rows) ring spaceship ring spaceship (outer ring) ring spaceship (inner ring) ring spaceship (center) tiny spaceships
wasp-shaped spaceship diamond-backed spaceship 6-winged spaceship drill-like spaceship triple spaceship pinwheel spaceship spiky cone spaceship spikeless cone spaceship

The ring spaceship was intended to carry two rings of smaller spaceships that revolved counterclockwise around it. It can, of course, be used for other purposes; I have just included this because I find if very annoying when I find an image that obviously was designed with something specific in mind but cannot work out what that purpose was. Both rings had room for the same number of minions (8) and revolved at the same speed (45 degrees in 20 frames).
octopus carrier with minions ring ship with minions

Other Space Images

Other Spaceships and Related Images
rainbow UFO dark UFO blue UFO red UFO
The dark flying saucer does not look good on a black background. The disk mostly disappears, leaving only what appears to be blue beams coming out of a floating blue blob. It might look better with a more interesting top.

Animated mine with blinking lights - actually quite easy to see on black background
mine mine

A wormhole. It looks quite good on a black background. There is also an animated flash effect for when something falls in. The flash should be centered on the middle of the wormhole, where its final size covers the circle on the wormhole. Flashes of different solid colours work well with different things falling in.
wormhole wormhole flash

Animated Explosions: 64 px, 114 px, 144 px
144x144 explosion 114x114 explosion 64x64 explosion
The snowflake explosion has been moved to Procedurally Generated Images.
There is also another explosion under Miscellaneous Images.

Other Images

Animated health bars: 40 and 100 pixels, 1 frame per pixel + 1 extra "empty" frame
short health bar short health bar

Animated health circle: 24 + 1 frames
health circle

Animated campfire

Hollow Cubes (32x32 front + 16 pixels back = 48x48)
hollow cube 1 hollow cube 2 hollow cube 3 hollow cube 4 hollow cube 5

Platform-style pokemon (48x48): 4 walk frames, 1 jump frame
pokemon side view

Combat-style pokemon (64x64): fronts and backs
pokemon combat view

Top view bear robots and vehicles (32x32): 4 directions
bear robots vehicles

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