Rendered Sprites

All resource files copyright Richard Hamilton. You can do whatever you want with them as long as you don't explicitly claim they are yours or object to other people using them. There is a somewhat-longer license with the ObjLibrary.

No credit required.

Asteroid (animated)

Energy ball

Small Spaceships
red basic spaceship red winged spaceship red skinny spaceship red 2-engined spaceship red energy ball spaceship

tringle ship with side guns ship with blue energy ball ship with red energy ball X-wing fighter

Boss Spaceship
Boss ship in components

red cruiser

Ring Ship
red ring ship part A red ring ship part B red ring ship part C
These three images form one ship when stacked up. The solid red bars go in front, the broken red bars go in the back, and the blue ball goings in the middle with transparency. If another image is placed behind the blue ball, it looks like it is inside an energy shield.
red ring example

red carrier energy shield
The energy shield (when scaled down) goes behind the carrier image with transparency. Anything being carried goes behind that.
red carrier example

Double Pod Spaceship
red double pod red right pod red left pod

Shield Generator
red shielded sheild generator red sheild generator

Space Stations
blue space staion red space staion

blue missile red missile jagged missile
These are quite visible on black.

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